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Hi Gregg -

No luck - trailer is stuck in the driveway with a broken axle - While I was overseas.  I don't have it anymore.  Do you know anyone that might have a Zieman trailer from late 90's (1997 for me) with a v axle that could take measurements?  I need them to outside of Hub face to face, and CL to spring and the drop in the V.  I can get the spring CL, but can't get the others.   I can't seem to find another trailer so need to see if I can fix this one. right now I have it on blocks with the boat on it so can't move it.


U20 General Discussion / #124 For Sale
« Last post by Brian Denney on July 24, 2017, 07:04:13 AM »
We are trying to get this listing in the classified section of the site, but knowing that the 2017 NA's are coming up quickly I thought I would post this listing here as well. "Honey Badger" #124 lays at Perry Yacht Club in Meridan Kansas, the hosting club for the 2017 NA's and we have decided to put her up for sale. She is in great condition and ready to win. The asking price is $25,000 and details below. Please contact either myself or my sailing partner Arnold Feinberg for more information.

Arnold: Cell 785.865.6983 / Home 785.863.0139
Brian: Cell 913-669-9424

Honey Badger
1. 2016 New complete set of Doyle Boston class sails with one race on them (pictures attached).  Paid $5500
2. Set of Doyle Boston and Pineapple one design class sails. The Doyle Boston set are in good shape and the Pineapple sails are not bad either.
3. Large inventory of PHRF sails including 5 spinnakers, several jibs and mains.
4. 2017 New Honda 2.3 ($800) that has never been in the water.
5. Spare rudder (excellent shape).  Both rudders were completely refinished last winter.
6. New set of rigging including a main halyard.
7. New spinnaker pole (2015).
8. Rebuilt trailer in 2016.  New tires, spare, boards and carpet.
9. New keel guides. Not the travel blocks but the guides attached to the keel. These were handmade and are a perfect, secure fit.
10. All sheets, control lines and halyards are either new or in excellent shape.
11. TacTick Race Master
12. No cosmetic damage.
U20 General Discussion / Re: First experience on the boat
« Last post by TimPorter on July 23, 2017, 02:38:40 PM »
What a difference a year makes.  I was out sailing in our local club series this past weekend in winds around 10+ knots.  I had a guy, that had some interest in the boat, crewing for me.  He had done a good bit of sailing but not on a sport boat and never on an asymmetric spin boat.   It was around fixed marks but we had a fairly long run.  We were averaging probably 7+ knots and easily hitting 9+.  All very calm with no real excitement.  At the end of the day we were on the dock talking and the gentleman said, "I felt like we were pretty close to getting on a plane there."  With a little smile I told him that we were planning a good bit of the run and told him the speeds we were hitting.  He was amazed at how smooth and calm everything was at those speeds. 

I am pretty sure that he was talking with his wife about how they could buy a U20 when he got home.  Such a great boat.  So much fun!
U20 Boat Maintenance & Care / Re: stringer replacement
« Last post by TimPorter on July 23, 2017, 02:25:12 PM »
Haven't seen much discussion on this recently, but why would you not just use fiberglass to replace the stringer instead of wood as described in the article?  Through discussions with some of the experienced local U20 sailors that was the suggestion.  Curious if others have experience replacing the stringer with fiberglass vs another piece of wood?
U20 Regattas - Where, When & Who's Going! / Re: 2017 North Americans
« Last post by William Mendel on July 20, 2017, 01:48:10 PM »

It time to get your 2017 U20 North American registration in. The attached form covers the U20 NAs and the PYC Commodores Cup that directly precedes the NAs. This is the correct form. The form on the PYC web site will be updated shortly. There have been some questions on bringing an RV. RVs are welcome and there will be room for them at the U20 NA's. During the Commodores Cup, there will most likely not be room on the "Hill" or any electrical hook ups. If you are OK parking in the parking lot or other areas we should be able to accommodate you. Your other option would be to try and reserve a spot at one of the near buy State Parks for the Commodores Cup and then move over to the club for the NA's.

Note that we do not need money by these dates just the form or a note to with what you want.
Registration Dead Lines:
Commodores Cup:
August 5th for T Shirts
August 25st for Meals

U20 Nationals
August 4th for T Shirts
August 21st for Meals
This thread will contain links to the current and past tuning guides.  Please post what you have! 

U20 Regattas - Where, When & Who's Going! / Re: 2017 PCCs
« Last post by Jay Harland on July 09, 2017, 09:11:44 AM »
The Perpetual Trophy is here.  You need to be here to get it.  The lake is full and winds have been great.  Yesterday was 85 degrees, sunny and 10kts of breeze.  Early discount is up next Saturday!

U20 Regattas - Where, When & Who's Going! / Re: 2017 Race Results
« Last post by TimPorter on July 03, 2017, 08:53:03 AM »
Five U20s competed in the annual Lake Norman Yacht Club July 4th Regatta.  As usual, the party Saturday night was the highlight of the weekend, with wonderful food, a live band, and fireworks. The winds on Saturday were variable (3-8 knots) with a medium dose of motor boat chop.  The race committee got three races in on Saturday before the afternoon storms came in.  Sunday morning the race committee made the decision to cancel racing for the day as the wind was 1-2 knots building to nothing.  The racing was very close with a lot of lead changes.  Every boat seemed to be in the lead at some point.  It was all about connecting the dots and if you failed to connect them it was easy to go from 1st to 5th. 

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