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We can't always race one-design, so handicaps are one of those necessary evils.  Typically we race under PHRF when not just against each other. Sportboats are difficult to assign a single number, and U20s are a perfect example. Here is a boat that can hit 20 knots of boat speed. On the other hand an 1,100 pound boat with 19+ feet of waterline plunging through 3 ft powerboat chop needs a handicap boost compared to your standard 36 ft. PHRF boat. The upshot is that PHRF ratings are controversial wherever you go. Across the US they range from about 120 to 184 in different venues. The average seems to be in the150 range. Click here to view 2007 PHRF handicaps across the US.

Ultimate 20 Handicapping Data

Following is the data that other new U20 owners may be required to supply to their fleets in order to obtain PHRF handicap certificates. Keep in mind that our effort is "handicapped" by the facts that (1) each different PHRF fleet does its own handicapping and may ask for different data, and (2) handicap dimension abbreviations are virtually unintelligible and are rarely defined on the forms.

Ultimate 20 Dimensions for Handicapping

Overall length: 20.83'

Beam: 8.33'

Waterline length: 18.0'

Draft: 5.0'

Displacement: 1350 lbs (note: the U20 hull weighs 1100 lbs, but 1350 is what to put on your U20 PHRF certificate since it includes all gear, spars, sails, and motor)

Ballast: 450 lbs (lead)

Sail area: 306 sq. ft.

Mainsail: 206 sq. ft.

Jib: 100 sq. ft.

Class spinnaker: 452 sq. ft. (0.75 oz.)

PHRF spinnaker: 485 sq. ft.

"I" (foretriangle height): 26.08'

"J" (foretriangle base, front of mast to headstay at deck): 6.97'

"P" (mainsail luff): 27.33'

"E" (mainsail foot): 10.17'

"EY" (mizzen foot): not applicable; enter as 0

"G" (girth of spinnaker, a.k.a. "SMW"): 17.7'

"H" (spinnaker halyard height, a.k.a. "ISP"): 27.58'

"ISP" (spinnaker halyard height): 27.58'

"HB" (headboard width): 0.46'

"JSP" (front of mast to tackline with sprit extended): 12.79'

"JC" ("corrected J", a symmetrical spinnaker term that is not well defined for asymmetric spinnaker boats): furnish JSP and a profile diagram of U20 with sprit extended

"LLJ" (length of luff of jib): 25.13'

"LLS" (length of luff of spinnaker): 30.42'

"LP" (jib clew to luff, measured perpendicular to luff): 7.96' (114% of J)

"MGM" (mainsail mid-girth): 7.96'

"MGU" (mainsail upper girth): 5.5'

"PY" (mizzen hoist): not applicable; enter as 0

"SL" (spinnaker pole length): 6'

"SMW" (spinnaker width): 17.7' (254% of J)




LOA 20 ft. 10 in.
LWL 18 ft.
Draft (keel down) 5 ft.
Draft  (keel up) 9 in.
Displacement 1100 lbs.
Ballast 450 lbs.
Mainsail 205 ft. sq.
Jib 100 ft. sq.
Class Spinnaker 452 ft. sq
PHRF (max. sugg.) 485 ft. sq
Bow Sprit 6.0 ft.


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