U20's at Barcolana!

For 39 years the Barcolana has been the regatta for everyone. From huge sailing yachts to small boats, from professional yachtsmen and women to the passionate amateur, the regatta is a celebration of the sea and full of competitive spirit.

Some of those taking part in the race sail boats which boast the latest marine technology, with ever-larger sails to overcome Trieste’s dead calm and canting keels to fight against the Bora, Trieste’s famous wind.

Whatever the weather, the event is always eagerly awaited on the annual date of the second Sunday of October. Every one of the two thousand boatowners and boats that take part in the Barcolana has a different tale to tell – but they are all brought together by Trieste’s yearly race, situated in the gulf where the Mediterranean meets the centre of Europe.

Two U20's have raced this race for the past several years, LUNA E L'ALTRA - Antonio Tacca sailed in 2000, 01,02,04,05, 06 and this year 07 finishing 2nd. ILEUS V owned by Alessandro Luzzati sailed regatta 2003, 04 ,05 ,06 & 07.

Final results take over a month to calculate due to the large quantity of boats. Winds this year were +30 knots, making for challenging conditions. See if you can spot a U20's amongst the fleet. I couldn't!