Jerry Hollemon Captures U20 LNYC Midwinters
by Charley Smart

After a practice day of idyllic North Carolina spring weather, 11 U20ís met at the start line for the 2004 mid-winters. Boats hailed from Ottawa, Chicago, Detroit, and Huntsville joining the resident LNYC fleet.

A week earlier, Jerry Hollemanís hull #123 had been ripped off itís mooring in a 60+ knt storm, sunk and virtually totalled. In a typical act of U20 camaraderie, Don Corey loaned Antics, Hull #88, to Jerry for the regatta.

The morning of the first day of the regatta, racers woke to near freezing temperatures, and brisk winds. Winds held firm for the first race with Bill Jenkins, Jerry Holleman and Horace Holland taking first, second, and third. The second race saw winds lighten to test the fleetís light air sailing skills. Race 2 had Jerry Holleman, Don Corey, and Charley Smart in respective top postions.

At the beginning of race 3, sailors were racing from puff to puff. Until the second windward mark when the wind just disappeared. The race committee abandoned the race after the two-hour time limit ran out with no boats finishing. Sunday was another gorgeous NC spring morning, with dogwoods blooming and bluebirds chirping, but not a breath of air. At about noon the race committee abandoned racing for the day leaving the final standings with Jerry Holloman, Antics in first place, Bill Jenkins, Bayview #1 in second place, and Charley Smart, Kindred Sprit in third place.

Complete reluslts were as follows:

Skipper Hull Name Race #1 Race #2 Total  
Jerry Hollemon 123 Antics 2 1 3  
Bill Jenkins 13 BayView #1 1 4 5  
Charley Smart 150 Kindred Spirit 5 3 8  
Horace Holland 156 Ultimate Fantasy 3 7 10  
Don Corey 159 III 10 2 12  
Bob McGrath 174 Pinochio 6 6 12  
Gary Shoemaker 93 Bayview #2 4 8 12  
John Park 87 Work Release 11 5 16  
BJ Jones 151 Rumbullion 7 9 16  
Chet Wiesenmayer 148 Lotsaknots 8 11 19  
Peter Kitching 184 Low Rider 9 10 19