Doris Bohnenberger (European Bio)
Aystetten, Germany

When I was young I sailed with my husband Pedro on a 470. Then there was a break, because I got my son Moritz. He sailed optimist and now he's in the 420. My husband likes to sail 505, Jeton or U20. I enjoy to sail Melges24, Streamline, 45er Nationaler Kreuzer (traditional class - wonderful), and when I'm old I would like to sail a dragon - that's my dream.

But at the moment I prefer to sail U20 very much, just for fun, but also for regattas. In the last years I often sailed with women (Angelika von Sohlern, Carla Richter-Weiß, Hanni Schachtner) - that was fun. 2007 was very sucessful. I had the good (male) ;-) sailor Sepp Hammerlindl (Sailmaker) on board, which sailed the genacker. It is much more fun to have someone on board, who is very fast at hoising, jibing, tacking...

Why did I purchase a U20? The U20 is a very fast boat and you can sail it with a lot of wind or only with a light breeze. All fittings, rolls... are from Harken and it's so easy to handle the boat also for women. Also it looks beautiful, has a fine design... I like my U20, it's my passion, my "summerlove" ;-). And even when I have time I drive to the boat and go sailing, sometimes alone. Then it's like a meditation and good against stress...but also often with friends and my husband.

My profession. I'm a teacher - primary school. I drive a Volvo V 70 and if I would have enough money, I'm dreaming of a porsche, but that's silly. That's a dream, which I had when I was a child. I'm very lucky with the Volvo. I'm organizing with Markus Wegmann (Velum NG) since 6 years the AYM ( That's the yardstick championship of the "ammerlake". Every year there are 13 regattas, and you must participe at 4, so that you can get a prize and you can get the title: Ammerseeyardstickmeister

Story by Doris Bohnenberger