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Ultimate 20 people are young businessmen, old businessmen, engineers, a physics professor, a forensic scientist/ criminologist, lawyers, a cognitive scientist, a commercial pilot, boat dealers, doctors, and over 70 members of the Bayview Yacht Club in Detroit; a diverse bunch of folks who love to sail and love the Ultimate 20. Members of our U20 "family" even make Ultimate 20 rugs and do custom Ultimate 20 embroidery. About the only thing we all have in common is the fact that, to quote the early advertisements for the U20, we are all "fast and friendly." There are no rock stars among us, although several of us have won national championships in other classes. Most of us previously sailed lots of other types of boats, dinghys, keelboats, sailboards, and catamarans. A few of us had dropped out of sailing but were attracted back to the sport by the Ultimate 20. We were crazy enough to buy a new, unproven, boat and lucky enough to find that the test of time has shown it to be as fundamentally sound and strong as it is beautiful, comfortable, and exciting to sail.

Click on the names to learn about a few of our members.

Bob Aman, Albany, Oregon
Clifton Odom, San Diego, California
Barry Fisher, South Beach, Oregon
Kent Morrow, Anacortes, Washington
Mike Noone, wayne, Pennsylvania
Rob Wilson, Ausin, Texas





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