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Mast Crutch Attachment During Trailering

I noticed a lot of bounce on the rear crutch so I run a line with several raps around the top of the crutch to the spinnaker cleats and snug them up to take pressure off the crutch. This seems to help take some of the front to rear movement out and cut down on bounce as well. Dick Scott Avalanche #24

I have made two modifications to my mast crutch 1) It now bolts to the boat. I have permanently mounted the engine mounting and modified the crutch to be a sleeve that bolts to the engine mount. (Works like a hot dam.) 2) The crutch is telescopic. This allows me to have the crutch in two positions up and down. The down is for transporting and the up is for storage (see K.Morrow's suggestions as to how). (Also works like a hot dam.) I can't take the credit for either of these improvements my neighbor has a large machining shop. Trillithon. #21

It sounds like people have different setups for their mast crutch to hold it in place. Mine uses a pin, see attachment, and it works like a charm. The lateral support added by a line to the spinnaker cleats is an idea that I will incorporate as well. Allen Townsend Bomazeen #7