Continuous Spinnaker Sheets

we have had a lot of success using the one piece "Y" type spin sheets. They are light weight due to only one splice to create the Y. Gybes are easier due to no knots to drag around the furled headsail. Tried one set of the "continuous" type and won't use them due to the weight of the three splices required at the clew. Both Layline and West Marine Rigging can do a fine job making these. Can't find specs but I think total length of one leg of Y was 47' with about a 15" pigtail and 4' of the cover stripped on each leg. Although, if you want to try the continuous type let me know and I'll send them to you. Don Corey #88 antics

Don, and everybody else, thanks for the info and your opinions. I have a couple more questions for you though. The idea of a Y makes sense to me, but is there a reason you didn't have more of the cover stripped off? Is 5 ft about how much line you would have before hitting the turning block if really really sheeted in? When I was talking to Layline, I think they were suggesting up to about 13 ft, which is what we were estimating the total distance to the cleat. Lastly, I don't know if you remember the line you used, but I was looking at the Spectra 12 spliced into 5/16 Ultra Lite. Thanks, Jody.