Ultimate 20 Running Rigging Specifications


Original Equipment (all New England line) Alternatives
Traveler 5/16"x 22' Sta-Set red 5/16"x 26' (for 3:1 purchase) Marlow Excel Pro black
Boom Vang 1/4"x 18' Sta-Set blue
Main Sheet 3/8"x 40' Sta-Set white
Main Halyard 1/8" wire / 1/4" rope
Jib Furler Control 1/4"x 23' Sta-Set white 3/16"x 26' Sta-Set white (works much better)
Jib Sheets 5/16"x 30' Sta-Set white (x2) 5/16"x 26' New England Buzzz gray (x2)
5/16"x 26' Sta-Set white (x2)
Jib Halyard 3/32"x 25'-2" wire - eye/eye
Bow Sprit Control 1/4"x 15' Sta-Set red
Spinnaker Tack 5/16"x 45' Sta-Set blue
Spinnaker Sheets 5/16"x 52' Sta-Set (1 red, 1green) 1/4"x 51' Yalelight w/short eye splice one end and whip other end 
(x2) and 1/4"x 15" Amsteel pigtail
Spinnaker Halyard 5/16"x 72' Sta-Set X green fleck 1/4"x 72' Marlow Super Prestretch white (cheap)
1/4"x 72' Sampson Warpspeed green fleck (expensive)
Keel Hoist 8mm x 16' Sta-Set X Plus red 1/4"x 17' Sampson Amsteel