Wireless Depth Sounder

I use the Horizon depth sounder which does not need a through-hull fitting. I cemented the sensor "puck" inside the buoyancy chamber, on centerline, just ahead of the keel box. The wire lead passes through a rubber feedthrough to the cockpit to preserve the watertight integrity of the buoyancy chamber. The lightest 12 volt battery that I have found is the unit used to power the 12 volt DeWalt cordless drill. I use small alligator clips on the power leads from the instrument to attach to the prongs of the power supply. Mark which prong is "positive" and all is well! I find that this power unit will last the whole season without recharge and is easy to carry home (in your pocket!) to recharge if necessary. Mike Noone, # 17, "The Ultimate Curragh"

Battery for Nav lights and depth sounder:

Chris - We installed permanent nav lights on our boat, since we were out sailing past sundown on many Wednesday night races, and powered them with a lawn tractor battery, which lasts for months between charges, and cost less than $20. Granted, its a bit heavier than a cordless drill battery or a motorcycle battery, but it has plenty of capacity. (And West Marine makes a battery box that fits it perfectly.) Charlie Cushing

Position of depth sounder:

You should mount the depth transducer in front of the keel on center line. The Sail master tacktick has a thought hull transducer I have put the transducer on cored hulls that do not go all the way thought the hull , you cut the top layer of glass out and then pull the core out, grind the bottom layer of glass to a clean surface and then epoxy the transducer into the hole you created and then glass over top . This method is a little risky because you need to have good contact to the hull with out any air bubbles to interfere with the transducer reading thought the hull. A mistake could be costly Richard Hunt#16

Position of Nav lights:

I have mounted the portable bow light to the mast about boom height . It gives a nice glow to the jib at night . Is it legal,.I don't think so but it is very visible to other boats. I have the suction cup bow light that I do put on the mast. I then put a little white electrical tape around the top and bottom of the suction cup around the mast as well. This works I don't know if I want to sign my name to this solution R Hunt mad man with tape.