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Title: Hoisting main
Post by: Mike Reyes on April 24, 2020, 05:52:29 PM
Just launched my , new to me, U20 this past week. The main has been very difficult  to raise. Seems like a lot of friction with the bolt rope. I will check if there is any binding within the mast with the spinnaker  halyard, but it seems to be that the issue is friction with the track and the bolt rope. Compounding the issue is  very thin halyard line that is less than easy even on gloved hands. I am using the most beat up sails that came with the boat. I may try another main.

I am planning to spray the bolt rope with teflon dry lube and see if that helps. Any other ideas?

Also there is a plastic slug at the tack of the sail. The track on the Forte carbon mast stops higher than this slug. How is this rigged. I just tied a line to the cunningham grommet in the sail, but it was less than ideal. Picture attached.
Title: Re: Hoisting main
Post by: Tac Boston on April 27, 2020, 05:44:22 PM
I don't remember if the Forte rig has a carbon or aluminium track? If it is carbon then it will ease up. DO NOT use spray as it will get seriously dirty and greasy and get black all over you and the boat!!!!! Even if it says dry lube it is not.

As for the tack of the sail, you need to take it into a sail loft and have them put a buckle/strap on the sail. Something like this, only one of them will work this is a C&C 30 mainsail. This is what we have done for the few Forte rig mainsail that we have built.
Good luck!
Title: Re: Hoisting main
Post by: Mike Reyes on April 28, 2020, 11:48:46 PM

Thanks for the reply! It is a carbon track. Hopefully  it will loosen up.

Mike Reyes