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U20 Boat Maintenance & Care / Re: What are all these blocks for??
« Last post by Robert Homer on Today at 02:09:52 AM »
No problem, Iíll try to get them to to tomorrow evening.
U20 Boat Maintenance & Care / Re: What are all these blocks for??
« Last post by Mike Silverton on Today at 01:04:12 AM »
Posted here would even be better!   :)

Always looking for improvements.

U20 Boat Maintenance & Care / Re: What are all these blocks for??
« Last post by Mike Parker on November 23, 2020, 02:45:21 PM »
Detailed pics of the mast base, boom controls, cockpit hardware, and cleats on cabin top would be great. 
U20 Boat Maintenance & Care / Re: What are all these blocks for??
« Last post by Robert Homer on November 23, 2020, 12:51:52 PM »
Wow! Lots of stuff Iíve never seen...backstay, kick up rudder, and a winch for the spin sheets? If you need I can take detailed photos of my boat and send them over to you. I thought Iíd be sailing this week, but not much wind.
The one day event sort of stinks but I think I am still in.  Is there weekday camping there?  Wondering how early I can arrive?  I am driving from North Carolina and will likely come out early. 
If we can get 5 boats - I can customize the official regatta shirt with U20 SouthWest Regional Championship.
Get out of the cold and come on over to Arizona's deep blue jewel Lake Pleasant and RACE.

From the website:
"Mark your calendars! After much deliberation and monitoring of the COVID restrictions, this yearís event will be a one day event, but it will be a BIG one day event! Weíre going to race all day."

Just between you and me..  Sun cruise (.. yeah - race, but not official (shhhh!)) starts out at 9am and will be a LONG up and down the lake with islands as marks.  Two day winner gets Minnesota's best SINGLETREE SMALL BATCH BOURBON and some mantle fodder TBD.

I will man the BBQ Sat and feed all U20s that come out.  Camping is included with your park entry.  Plan on a fire pit and Mostly Peaceful reconstruction of the days racing..
U20 Boat Maintenance & Care / Re: What are all these blocks for??
« Last post by Mike Parker on November 19, 2020, 03:50:48 PM »
I think the blocks on the right may be a fine tune for the mainsheet?   I did not find a line that would suffice for a main.. so that makes sense.

Pictures below are examples of mainsheet fine tune - not in my U20

U20 Boat Maintenance & Care / Re: What are all these blocks for??
« Last post by Robert Homer on November 19, 2020, 12:58:33 PM »
Hereís what my Vang and Cunningham look like, I was in the same situation trying to figure out where everything went until the Ditch run where I was able to see another U20 set up. Let me know if you need anymore photos👍🏻

I did switch out a block to the Vang to increase the purchase, Iíll take a photo next time Iím at my boat.
Ultimate 20 Race Report

Submitted By:  BJ Jones
Date: November 15, 2020

The Ultimate 20ís took part in the 2020 Carolina Keelboat One Design Regatta (CKOD) over the weekend of November 14th and 15th.  Twelve U20ís were one of five classes to participate in the event with the others being the seven VX One, three J70ís, four Santana 21ís and 5 San Juan 20ís.  It was great to see a good turnout at 30th running of this venerable regatta.

Saturday looked like it could be a bit better than forecast as the breeze was a nice 4-6 knots out of the ENE as the fleet left the harbor for the race course.  But alas, the wind gods always seem to know when the first gun is as the starts went off in about 3-4 knots.  The U20ís were the third start of a two leg windward-leeward course.  The front of the fleet tended to the left side of the middle with not many ripples on the right side to look like it had anything to offer, but after few minutes on starboard, the two lead boats headed over to the right half of the course with Treez Decker making it pay by rounding first and Steve Shaw right behind.  The run proved challenging as the wind was getting lighter and lighter.  Shaw was able to pass Decker to win the race with BJ Jones working his way to second after rounding the windward mark in sixth, with Drew Lisicki from Charleston sailing the U20 for the first time in third.  The wind then shut down and the Race Committee wisely sent us in for the day.

Day two dawned a bit gray but with a much better breeze and more in the forecast.  The Race Committee signaled a four leg race for the first race of the day in a nice 7-9 knot breeze out of the south.  Shaw got a fast start and went on to win the race handily with Allie Volk sailing Tim Porterís boat to a solid second and once again Drew Lisicki pushing through for third.

The second race of the day started in the same breeze as the first race but at the first mark, the wind increased to about 14 knots which provided for a fast downhill ride with Jones catching a great puff to move into the lead which he held to the finish after another beat and run in an increasing breeze.  Shaw finished second with Lisicki third (do we sense a pattern here).

With the breeze now at 16 plus knots, the Race Committee decided that the third race needed to be a bit longer so they called for a six leg race.  Shaw again led with Jordan Wiggins in second and John Butine rounding in third.  Shaw had a problem with his spinnaker which ultimately led to the spinnaker wrapping around the keel forcing him to not finish the race.  Jones who had rounded in fourth with the breeze now up to 20 knots in the puffs, flew downwind to take the lead.  The next lap was more of the same with Jones in the lead followed by Wiggins.  Wiggins was able to get close by the last windward mark and took the lead when Jones hit the offset mark.  The wind was now a steady 20 knots which created more problems for the fleet.  Wiggins had trouble with his hoist and shrimped the chute and Jones had his halyard jam with the chute ĺís of the way up.  Fortunately, Jones was able to get the halyard free and the spinnaker went up allowing him to surge into the lead for a wild run to the finish.  Wiggins was able to correct his issues to take second with Lisicki once again taking third.

With the still increasing breeze and a number of boats heading in, the Race Committee sent the fleet in.  With the two wins in the last two races, Jones took the regatta which was also the U20 East Coast Championship.  Sailing with Jones were Emily Jones and Dave Rink.  Lisicki with his four thirds took second and Shaw, despite his DNF was able to take third.

Thanks to Ken Corsig for a great event.

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