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U20 Regattas - Where, When & Who's Going! / 2020 Pacific Coast Championship
« Last post by Mike Josselyn on October 19, 2019, 11:44:34 PM »
At the Nationals this summer, the possibly of holding the U20 Pacific Coast Championships at the Richmond Yacht Club in 2020 was discussed.   I have asked the Race Committee about this and given the relatively small number of boats that might race, they have suggested we couple it with another regatta or to hold it and run the races with our own PRO and limited race committee.  The purpose of this email is to solicit interest in (1) the location and (2) possible dates.   As the Bay Area racing calendar is being developed now, any input on these two issues would appreciated.

If we choose to link up to an existing regatta already scheduled, the most likely regattas are the Big Daddy (March 14 and 15), the Santa Cruz 27 Nationals on May 29-31, or the Great Pumpkin on October 24-25.   For the Big Daddy and the Great Pumpkin, we would need to add a Friday racing day to the Saturday racing day.   We would likely get in five to six races and then on Sunday, there would be a pursuit race to score as the final race.  The advantage of the Big Daddy would be that boats going to San Diego NOODS could do both.  Weather is a bit effy though in March.

If we team up with the Santa Cruz 27s, they will have about 15 boats so our 6-10 boats would make for a nice three day regatta.   It would allow us to have a dinner on the Saturday as well (the club only serves dinner on Fridays and Sundays).   If boats wanted to stay at the club that week, the following weekend is the Delta Ditch Run and so you'd get to do a classic very long distance race.

Of course, if we want to just have a regatta on our own, we can set up the courses with a local PRO and use RYC as our base.  We then have some freedom to set dates.

So, those are the options that I have at present.   Please provide your feedback.
One more regatta to go in the series.  At present, Team Udecide has a slight lead but both Uagain and Breakaway are in striking distance after winning races at the HO Lind regatta series.  Results to be posted after the Great Pumpkin. 
U20 Regattas - Where, When & Who's Going! / Re: 2019 RYC Great Pumpkin Regatta
« Last post by Mike Josselyn on October 18, 2019, 02:51:07 AM »
Mike.  Glad to have you come and enjoy our Zombie Luau themed regatta.  I just confirmed that four local boats will be there so we will have a one design start for sure.   Mike
U20 General Discussion / Re: Running Main Halyard to the Cockpit
« Last post by tinfoilhelmet on October 15, 2019, 01:10:03 AM »
That looks great, Thanks Chuck.
Sails are still for sale. Unfortunate no spinnaker.

The sails are measured in and buttoned for the class. I will change sail numbers to what ever you want at no cost to you before shipping.
Are these sails still available?  I am interested in a very good to excellent condition used class spinnaker and jib.  Do you have a spinnaker that would fit this description?  Would you be interested in packaging the jib and spinnaker?

U20 Regattas - Where, When & Who's Going! / Re: 2019 RYC Great Pumpkin Regatta
« Last post by Travis Gregory on October 07, 2019, 08:53:29 PM »
Won't be able to swing it this year.  A bit to late on recruiting.  Had a string of 3 years in a row  for October in Richmond. Hope to get back there again next year!
Lake Norman Yacht Club is hosting the annual Carolina Keelboat One Design (CKOD) and East Coast U20 Championships Regatta.  The event takes place on Nov. 9-10.  You are welcome to leave your boat at the club through the winter and race in the LNYC Mid-Winter regatta in March.
I believe I have crew.  If so, then yes.
Annoucements from the President / 2019 U20 Class Meeting Minutes
« Last post by U20 Site Moderator on October 03, 2019, 01:36:51 AM »
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