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Aluminum mast
« on: September 22, 2018, 10:11:29 PM »
My aluminum rig snapped (right where the all do) at bayfield race week in July. It was a bummer, but weíve got a great video of it, and I took it as a silver lining opportunity to get a carbon rig. Worked with Forteí carbon to get the new rig and they were pleasant and polite, but slow, and extremely non-communicative. I ordered the mast in mid July and it just arrived in late September...sans all standing rigging and spreaders (which are currently nowhere to be found, but I am told they are in the mail.
This would be extremely frustrating since Iím supposed to be leaving for North Americans tomorrow, but the missing parts are unfortunately the least of my worries. I unboxed the new mast to find it massively (irreparably) damaged by the shipping company. Itís probably going to be another two months to order a new mast, and itís already been a rough process. Iím considering having forte get their insurance payment from the shipping company, refunding my money, and going in search of a replacement aluminum mast.
So...are there any out there for sale?

Link to the mast break video: