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Hull #73 For Sale, $16,500
« on: July 14, 2019, 12:05:44 AM »
1997 Ultimate 20 #73, “Madison” for Sale

$16,500; Firm (541) 778-6484

Built by USI.  Will not find a nicer U20 for the money.  Dry sailed boat its whole life.  Numerous upgrades over the years.  Custom main halyard rigging.  Coarse and fine tune mainsheet.  Top quality running rigging – Endura Braid, Warpspeed, etc.  Championship regatta spin sheets (Endura braid) and everyday sheets (Yale Maxibriad+) both with custom “Y” splices and stripped covers.  Ronstan handled turnbuckles with custom solid shroud locks- very quick adjustment system.  Good set of championship #1 Ullman main and jib race sails with North Spinnaker (fast kite).  Good set of club racer/non-championship One-Design #2 Ullman main and jib race sails with Doyle Spinnaker.  Practice spin and two sets of practice main and jib.

Madison was 2nd at 2017 PCCs.  While final championship regatta results have been mixed over the years, straightline speed is as good as any boat in the fleet when she is in tune and trim.

Includes all the U20 basics: Honda 2 horse motor with new carb and kill switch (Fall 2018).  Well maintained Zieman galvanized trailer, good radial tires, bearings, Atwood surge brakes, trailer bra, new bunks with new carpet, new winch etc.  Boat has all sorts of new hardware over the years – new Schaeffer furler, new Lewmar mainsheet block, ratchematic spin stern blocks (allows double inline ratchet for big 25+kt breeze finger-tip control), new keel winch.  Hull regularly coated with McLube speed polish and deck gets Woody’s once or twice a year.  One of the keel guide blocks is cracked, but has not caused an issue and I have new ones for replacement.

Keel box rebuilt when purchased in 2009.  Keelbox has never leaked since rebuild.  Stringer is solid.  Always pipe cleaner the keelpost weep-hole, no way to inspect but should be solid.  Will deliver free of charge on I-5 San Fran to Portland with $1,500 non-refundable deposit.  Delivery to Seattle/San Diego/Salt Lake will add $750 to the price.  I can provide a ton of picture details to serious buyer and answer any questions.

I do not actually want to sell her nor do I really need to sell her (moneywise), but water levels have shortened the sailing season here in ways that have become too frustrating for me.
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