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Flyer #28 For Sale!
« on: September 30, 2020, 03:16:04 PM »
Boat is in great shape for being as old it is! Very fast boat. The boat will come with all the class safety gear including a new floor board.

The motor is 3 years old as we bought it when we got the boat. There are “V” birth cushions and the Doyle Boston Keel bag to keep all the safety gear over the keel.

Currently it is in keel down/high bunk mode as we dry sail with a hoist. It is easily returned to a low boy and I would do that if needed as part of the sale. I am currently modifying the keel bolt system away from the glassed nuts to a threaded under “deck” plate. This is being done by Abbott Boats to the same specs that they used on the 20’s that they built. Much more solid and will keep the keel bolted in place.

The mainsail is my 2018 North American main that has about 20 races on it pretty much all in under 10 TWS. For asking price I will build a new Jib and a Spinnaker to color layout the new buyer wants. There a few other sails that I will throw in as well, but I don’t have a second spinnaker.

The boat is currently in Sarnia Ontario, but I can get it into the US no problem as long you can meet in Port Huron MI or Buffalo NY. If you want a survey done I have  local guy that can do it and we can negotiate that cost.
$20,000 USD.
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