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Title: 2018 Pacific Coast Championship
Post by: Travis Gregory on March 23, 2018, 04:24:54 PM
From Bob Comstock

On behalf of the Fresno Yacht Club and High Sierra Regatta, I would like to invite you to participate in the 2018 U20 PCCs on beautiful Huntington Lake.  Due to excellent March snowfall, the lake should be full and we have a packed summer schedule.  The U20 PCCs will run from Friday July 13th through Sunday July 15th.  We will host a potluck dinner party at the Huntington Lake condos on Friday evening and the High Sierra Regatta organizes a dinner Saturday evening.   The NOR should be available soon. 

You can register for the High Sierra Regatta at:

and the U20 PCCs at:

There will be at least one competitive boat available to charter.  Please contact me if you are interested. 

Trophies will be awarded for both regattas. 

We look forward to seeing everyone up here at 7,000 ft. 

Best wishes,


Title: Re: 2018 Pacific Coast Championship
Post by: Jay Harland on May 17, 2018, 03:10:25 PM
Looking forward to sailing with/against everyone@ Huntington.

Can I get some clarification on registration procedures?  It looks like we are supposed to register twice- once for PCCs (which is really just the additional Friday Racing) and again for High Sierra (which will be Saturday and Sunday of PCCs).

As of this morning, I see Donna is registered for both "events" while Chris, Travis and Bob have only registered for PCCs.  Can I get some direction?   

Title: Re: 2018 Pacific Coast Championship
Post by: Travis Gregory on May 22, 2018, 02:26:45 AM
Bob clarified today, please register for both events!
Title: Re: 2018 Pacific Coast Championship
Post by: Travis Gregory on July 17, 2018, 04:26:04 PM
What a great venue and regatta!!!    As always it was a blast hanging out with fellow U20 owners and crew. 

Many thanks to Bob and Dan for hosting us on their home waters! 

Write-up coming shortly.

Here are the results: https://www.regattanetwork.com/clubmgmt/applet_regatta_results.php?regatta_id=16498&
Title: Re: 2018 Pacific Coast Championship
Post by: Travis Gregory on August 09, 2018, 11:49:11 PM
   5 U20 skippers attended at Huntington Lake in the beautiful Sierra Mountains above Fresno.  Initially treated to some monsoonal rain conditions on the day of arrival, we had beautiful conditions the rest of the weekend with primarily medium breeze.  Unfortunately, Chris was unable to join to do an emergent family issue.  Bob was on week two of High Sierra Regatta Chairman duty and it caught up to him on Saturday as he had to perform some RC duties.  That left Peabody (Donna), Wasabi (Ben), Madison (Jay) and 222 (Travis) to battle it out after day one.  It was very competitive sailing among the remaining four boats.  Frequent lead changes and different boats winning each race.

The final race of the series decided the winner.  222 was out by 3 points due to a poor showing in the first race Sunday.  We needed a win and someone to squeeze in between us and Peabody.  Running down the final leg, 222 was in the lead with Peabody half a boat length behind.  Madison and Wasabi were in the hunt.   An overly aggressive roll tack initiated by yours truly through 222 into a broach.  Peabody’s crew grabbed the inside overlap advantage.  As we rounded the final mark, 222 finally got a clean rounding.  Peabody had spinnaker trouble.  Once cleared, it was 222, Peabody, Madison and Wasabi.  The final upwind leg was a short one with little chance to pass.   222 covered Peabody and Madison went left searching for more pressure.  As we tacked back onto Starboard, Peabody discovered a fowled Jib sheet and had to recover.  222 crossed the line in first and for at time it looked like Peabody had the regatta in the bag.  Somehow Madison gained enough on the left to finish a ¼ of a boat length in front of Peabody.   Final scores left 222 and Peabody tied with the win going to the last race.  What a competitive regatta!  Right down to the wire!!!!

Ultimately Team Peabody sailed a superior High Sierra Regatta with consistent wins landing them a 1st Place for the High Sierra Regatta.  222 Lucked out with a 1st Place for the PCC’s thanks to a miracle in the last race and a good showing on day one (We raced Friday outside of the High Sierra Regatta). 

A tremendous venue and as usual it was a blast hanging out with other U20 owners.   Bob through a great BBQ on Friday night and hooked up all of the campers with access to a hot shower facility for the weekend.  Thanks Bob for your great work organizing the regatta!

Wish more of you could have joined and I’ll bet you are reading this wishing you had of joined too!  See you next year!