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Title: 2020 Northern California Season Championship_Matt Boroughf Trophy
Post by: Mike Josselyn on January 05, 2020, 01:17:10 AM
2020 Season Championship—Matt Boroughf Trophy
Northern California Ultimate 20 Fleet

The Season Championship is to recognize those skippers, crew, and boats that consistently participate in races held in Northern California or other races recognized for promoting and supporting the Ultimate 20 class in the region.   The Matt Boroughf Trophy for the Season Championship will reward those skippers who score the best in races where two or more qualified U20s race using a High Score Averaged Scoring System.   This system places more emphasis on those races with a higher number of participants; however, any race with two or more qualified boats will be scored.   

The following races will be considered as part of the series:
•   RYC Midwinters (starting in November with each race day will be scored separately)
•   Three Bridge Fiasco (SSS)
•   Big Daddy (RYC)
•   San Diego NOODS
•   Don Won Regatta (TYC)
•   Around the Rocks (SSS)
•   Go for the Gold Regatta
•   Behrens Regatta (TYC)
•   Lake Yosemite Spring Regatta (LYYC)
•   Delta Ditch (Stockton YC)
•   Trans Tahoe (TYC)
•   HO Lind Series (TYC) (each race day will be scored separately)
•   Pacific Coast Championships at the High Sierra Regatta
•   Jazz Cup (SBYC)
•   Vallejo 1-2 (SBYC)
•   RYC IntraClub Series (RYC)—each race scored separately
•   Great Pumpkin (RYC)

Other races may be added by notification to the Fleet Captain that two or more Northern California boats are registered to participate and the race is held on the west coast. 

1.   Only Ultimate 20’s owners can enter the U20 Season Championship.
2.   Owners must be registered as 2019 U20 Class Members.
3.   All boats shall be equipped and raced in accordance with the current Class Rules.
4.   Owners shall sail all races.   If their own boat is not available, they may charter another boat for the event.   In distance races, owners may rotate with Crew.
5.   Owners that sail in at least three events will be considered eligible for the series.
6.   To qualify for the season championship trophy, an owner must sail in at least seven events either from the list above or as added during the season.  If an event is canceled after boats are registered, the number of events required for qualification will be reduced.
7.   For boats that sail in the PCC in the High Sierra Regatta, it will be counted as two events towards the seven events to qualify for the trophy. 
8.   Boats will be only scored against other eligible boats (e.g. those that sail three events) during the season.
9.   The Championships will be determined by using the High Point Averaged Scoring System (see below).
10.   A change in the rules may be made during the year by unanimous consent by the boats in the series.   
11.   If there is a tie, the tie will be broken by the better scoring boat at the events where the two boats were directly competing.   
12.   The Season Championship will be awarded after the Great Pumpkin regatta
Title: Re: 2020 Northern California Season Championship_Matt Boroughf Trophy
Post by: Mike Josselyn on January 18, 2020, 11:56:23 PM
The December Mid Winters were cancelled due to predicted gale force gusts and strong winds.   But in January, light and variable winds with a strong ebb current made the first midwinters an interesting race for the five boats entered.   The weather was sunny and warm (in the 60s).  In the first race, it was a game of patience as the winds were from the southwest at 2-3 knots.   The wind pressure was greater on the left hand side but the ebb current favored the right side and grew stronger through the afternoon.   As you might expect, going from first to last and back again was easy in these conditions.  The second race saw a big shift in the winds such that spinnakers were raised just as the boats came to the windward mark!  In the last race, the wind finally settled down but with the stronger current, position on the course meant everything.  Mike Eisenberg, sailing Toon Town, from Bend Oregon found a way to be consistent in these inconsistent conditions, followed by Phil Kanegsberg on Udecide and then John Wolfe on Breakaway.   Next midwinters race is scheduled for Superbowl Sunday.   Some of the U20s will also be in the Three Bridge Fiasco on the 25th.   
Title: Re: 2020 Northern California Season Championship_Matt Boroughf Trophy
Post by: Mike Josselyn on March 10, 2020, 12:10:35 AM
It has been an odd mid-winters racing season.   The February racing had to be cancelled due to strong gale force gusts again so all hope for at least a 2 race season was focused on the March midwinters.   Five boats got on the line, but the Race Committee boat stalled in the harbor and no replacement could be found!   While we did some informal racing, the scoring for the originally planned 4 event midwinters was forced to rely on the January results only--Michael Eisenberg sailing Toon Town out of Bend OR was declared the winner with Phil Kangesberg from Reno in second and John Wolfe third.

The weekend immediately following the ill fated March midwinters was the Big Daddy.  A two day format--with mark racing on Saturday and a pursuit race on Sunday.  Five boats raced on Saturday...it looked like a light wind day with the first race shortened as the wind died.  But by 2:30 pm, the wind from the southwest filled in at 8-10 knots and light chop.  Perfect for U20s and two long races around the marks were held.  In the end, Mike Eisenberg won the series, followed by Mike Josselyn on Uhoo!, and Phil Kangesberg on Udecide.  Mark Allen from Salt Lake City was a guest U20 crew on Udecide.

On Sunday, light conditions were predicted at the start and the predictions rang true.  With the full moon and a tidal change of 6 feet, the ebb current was a big part of the selection of which way to go around Angel Island and Alcatraz.   The consensus was counterclockwise.  But just at the start, the wind died and the boats started drifting back from the starting line.  Only Breakway, Uhoo!, and Udecide started close to the time listed for this pursuit race.   Ugain and Toon Town ended back in the crowd and started 1/2 hour later!   Udecide changed their mind and headed clockwise, but then the wind was very light and by the time it picked up they were caught in the wind shadow and current swirl at Alcatraz. 

The rest of the U20 fleet headed to Raccoon Straits with Breakaway getting out to the Central Bay first but then kept getting carried away towards the Gate while Uhoo! and Toon Town (yes--Michael made up the late start) crabbed their way towards Alcatraz against the ebb.  By now the wind had filled in from the W at 8-10 with gusts to 15 knots.  But the wind direction and the ability to sail downwind allowed both boats to raise their spinnakers much sooner usual.  Toon Town got caught up in the tremendous river like swirl near the island and Uhoo! gave it a wide berth, but both boats came out close together.  It was a drag race to the finish with GPS speeds against the current around 8-9 knots with lots of smiling faces on the crew as the U20s left the bigger boats behind.  In the end, Uhoo! finished 12th out of 65 boats followed immediately by Toon Town.  Lots of fun and gained lots of respect for our boat from Express 27, J70s, etc that were left behind. 

We are looking forward to Mark Allen joining our fleet racing and followed up by two new owners who hope to have their boats ready by April.   Should have 7-8 boats racing in our fleet!   Please join us.

Title: Re: 2020 Northern California Season Championship_Matt Boroughf Trophy
Post by: Mike Josselyn on September 28, 2020, 04:13:45 PM
Covid, smoky skies, and numerous canceled races in the Bay Area and Sierra lakes has led to the unusual situation where we will not have enough races to qualify for a season championship.   With California's success in reducing the virus and the accompanying restrictions, some races are being held but without Race Committees (difficult to social distance) being available on the water, many have been short handed pursuit races.   The U20 is a perfect boat for double handing as you have plenty of space in the cockpit.  Six U20s sailed the TYC Short handed race on September 26th.   We are also planning a self managed event for October and the Great Pumpkin will be a pursuit race only event at the end of October.

Welcome Scott Hester and Mike Cintron to the Bay Area fleet!

Results from TYC race

Ultimate 20       Pursuit
Sail #      Boat Name      Points      Skipper      Rating      Finish Time      Corrected Finish Time      
180        BREAKAWAY   1        John Wolfe / Steve Kelley           144        12:08:27                12:08:27        ryc                
176        UAGAIN        2        David Woodside / Tim Hannell      144        12:08:49                12:08:49        ryc                
155        U DECIDE        3        Phil Kanegsberg / Shawn Maccabe  144        12:08:52                12:08:52        ryc                
226        UMUNHUM        4        Scott Hester / Peter Rowland      144        12:09:05                12:09:05        ryc             
62        UHOO!        5        Michael Josselyn / Jim Immers      144        12:10:43                12:10:43        ryc                
73        MADISON        6        Michael Cintron    (Singlehanded)    162        12:18:00                12:18:00                     

Title: Re: 2020 Northern California Season Championship_Matt Boroughf Trophy
Post by: Mike Josselyn on October 26, 2020, 07:02:24 PM
The Great Pumpkin Regatta is normally the finale of the Season Championship for the Northern California U20 fleet.   With the truncated season and lack of regattas, the trophy will not be awarded this year.   However, the Great Pumpkin pursuit race was held by the Richmond Yacht Club.  The Regatta drew over 100 boats with 5 U20s participating.  Unfortunately, the lack of wind at the start of the race eliminated any advantage gained by early starters and the U20s drifted around with the wind coming up just as the larger faster boats started.   Nonetheless, the 8-10 knot winds and the ebb made for a great day on the water and fun for the fleet to get out together.   Phil Kanesgberg on Udecide led the U20 fleet in a counterclockwise run around Alcatraz and Angel Island and he finished 23rd overall.   Scott Hessler's Umunhum finished second in the fleet and 52nd overall.  No party was held due to covid constraints, but everyone finished happy and healthy.   Hoping for a better year on the water next year.