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What to do when you get to Dillon...
« on: July 28, 2010, 01:07:25 AM »
Here's a suggestion for what to do when you get to Dillon, regardless of whether you are coming for the Open or just the NA's.
Setup your mast and if you haven't had the rake measured, find another U20 owner to measure it for you. Also, have the other owner check your "required equipment". There is a form for these two items on the NA's web site. Here's the direct link:
Be sure to have the form signed by the inspecting owner. We'll have a scale for crew weigh in at registration.

You can go ahead and launch your boat at this time if you want to or go to registration if it's during the hours stated in the NOR.

There will be a zebra mussel inspection before you are allowed to launch. The two sets of courtesy docks are to the right of the boat ramp (looking from shore out). Be sure to bring plenty of fenders and dock lines, we will likely have to raft up at the docks.

Find the U20 registration table. It will be in one of 3 places (all in close proximity to each other) When you go to the left of the boat ramp you will encounter the Yacht club building. Registration for the Dillon Open will likely be in there. Next after this small yacht club building will be a small tent, we might be in there. Next is a tiki bar, I wish we were in there but we won't be. Finally, you'll come to the large tent and we might be in there, we just don't know yet where they'll stick us. Don't worry it's only a few steps from the Yacht club building to the large tent. You could ask anyone around and they will guide you to the U20 registration.
See this for pictures to get your bearings of where everything is located:
Refer to that map to see where to park your trailer after launching.

If you have not had your sails measured at this point, shame on you... Uh, I mean ask the nice folks at registration where to go to get your sails measured. It will be in one of the tents or a few steps away in the marina shop, directly across the isle from the large tent.

Here's the sail measurement schedule:
Friday afternoon 3-6 pm in the Marina Shop
Saturday morning 8-9:30 am in one of the Tents
Sunday Morning 8-10 am in one of the Tents
Sunday afternoon 4-6 pm in the Marina Shop
Monday Morning 7-9 am in a Tent

Please try to have your sails measured before you arrive!
Once you have all your measurements and inspections done, go ahead and finish registering. You'll have to sign waivers for liability and photo/video waivers plus pay the entry fee if you haven't done so yet. Is your Class membership paid for this year? If not you can join the class at registration. You will receive the Sailing Instructions at registration.

At this point you'll have the lay of the land and might want to go out for sail. Enjoy yourself!
Remember that Lake Dillon is at 9017 feet of elevation, don't be surprised if you get dizzy, weak kneed or just out of breath walking up a set of stairs. It takes a few days to acclimatize.
Colorado Fleet 4 hopes you have an enjoyable and memorable trip to Lake Dillon for the 2010 North American Championship and Dillon Open regatta.
best regards,
Cliff Begnaud
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