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Singlehanded National Championship
« on: October 18, 2013, 03:24:18 PM »
In Ultimate 20's. 

I'm trying to create an event for solo sailors here in the United States that is not dependent on handicap ratings, and uses a boat that is readily available in all parts of the US (please don't mention minis).

This post is essentially a survey:

 Race Course:  300 mile course spread out over four legs along the Northern Gulf Coast.  Basically New Orleans to Appalachicola.

Actual dates and courses dependent on this survey.

1. How many of you folks would be willing to dedicate a week off to participate in this type of event? 

Singlehanded racing in the US is not popular, but the goal is to make it more popular and increase the skill level among Americans who are interested in that kind of event.  It's more difficult than doublehanded racing, but also more rewarding.

2. If not a week, then what would work best for those actually interested in this kind of racing?

 I'm trying to keep the legs short because it will be safer, and cheaper. A single 300 mile race is a totally different animal.

-Also, I'm trying to have it all in one week to be able to get sailors from out of the Gulf Coast area here to compete, as opposed to just having legs during a series of weekends.  The goal is to have 5 boats or more.

3. I know this type of racing isn't for everyone, so this will probably be the most important aspect of seeing whether this event is even possible. 

-How many of you guys reading this are open to chartering your boat for such an event? 

I know a lot of very qualified solo sailors who would be interested in doing this kind of race and having the national title. 

How much would that cost for you guys to charter?

4. Would prize money boost participation?

That's all for now, but I want to feel out the fleet before putting it forward or marketing the event.

Thanks for your time;

-Ryan Finn