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#93 from Annacortes WA to Park City UT

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Vince van Oostenbrugge:
Just purchased...

Travis Gregory:
Vince, welcome to the U20 Class and Utah fleet!  We have 4 boats racing one-design at the J.  Hope you can join us there Thursday nights.   8)

Talked with Ben about your acquisition this weekend and I am stoked about your purchase!  Please reach out with any questions or help you need. 

Vince van Oostenbrugge:
Travis, sorry to have missed you this weekend.. but..

I sent you a PM, have a few questions..

Robert Homer:
Congrats! I have #92, a winner that got smashed on the road but she’s the most beautiful boat to me!

Mark Allen:
Somewhere I have a picture of this boat sailing in the 2006 NA's at Cascade Locks. I will see if I can dig it up.


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