Author Topic: U20 North American Championship Regatta Format  (Read 982 times)

John Wolfe

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U20 North American Championship Regatta Format
« on: March 30, 2022, 09:48:56 PM »
We hope everyone is looking forward to the 2022 U20 North Americans in San Francisco Bay.

We are considering having a long distance race on Friday and 3 to 4 races on Saturday and 3 to 4 races on Sunday (with one throw-out provided we have at least 7 races in total).

I wanted to do a quick survey to see how the fleet feels about this type of schedule.

On the plus side:
Having a long distance race adds variety and interest.  And San Francisco Bay is a great venue for this.
The race committee burden and regatta costs are eased to some extent.

On the flip side:
Three days of buoy racing might provide more races, and perhaps a fairer regatta outcome.
The local conditions aspect of a long distance race may be unfair to those from out of the area.
Some boats may just skip the long distance race.

Of course, there may be other considerations as well. 

Please let us know you thoughts in the next week.


John Wolfe
Regatta Chair