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Lake Norman 150 Bridge Race
« on: March 21, 2022, 05:20:52 PM »
Outrigger Yacht Club on Lake Norman annually hosts the 150 Bridge Race.  The 18-mile pursuit style race has the competitors wind their way up Lake Norman to the 150 Bridge (as far north as a sailboat can go on the lake) and back again.  This year's event was a spirited affair , with the breeze starting at 6 and building to a solid 25 knots with 30+ knot gusts.  Unfortunately, with the wind coming from the south the first half of the race was downwind, where breeze was 6-12 for most of the nine-mile spinnaker run.  After turning the wind steadily increased along with the waves.  The final mile of the race was a beat into 4-foot waves with the rail in the water most of the time.  The team of Dave Rink, Tim Porter, and BJ Jones were able to hold off a VXOne to take first overall.  The total elapsed time for the U20 was 3 hours 19 minutes.