Author Topic: Forte mast track issues  (Read 973 times)

Gini Breidenbach

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Forte mast track issues
« on: July 02, 2021, 01:58:54 AM »
Anyone out there who has experienced the track on their Forte carbon rig coming free? It is a recurring issue on my boat, and I'm very frustrated with design. We took the rig down today and the track is now coming free at the top of the mast. Would appreciate advice and solutions.

Mike Josselyn

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Re: Forte mast track issues
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2023, 01:01:00 AM »
Probably a bit late for your fix; but others with Forte masts may want to know about this product:

Plexus MA300 Black Two-Part Base & Accelerator (B/A) Methacrylate Adhesive - 50 ml Dual Cartridge

I have used it on my Forte mast to put the track back on near the gooseneck.  You also need to purchase the gun holder and mixing nozzles as well. 

Prepare the track and the mast to make a smooth surface for connection.  For a good seal, you might want to cut out the portion that separated so it can be properly glued back. You should sand the area and use some acetone to clean the surface.  Use some painters tape on the mast to outline the area (except under the track) where you are placing the product.  Using the gun and the nozzle mixer, liberally put on the track and then press it in place.  It starts to harden quickly so place some tape around the track to tightly hold it in place.  You might want to practice with this stuff on a some scrap pieces so you know how quickly it sets.  Once fully cured, it will be well affixed to the mast.  However, you can pull off the tape you placed on the mast to remove any excess material that squeezed out for a cleaner edge.  Use a razor knife to score the edge.

Because the Forte mast does not have the track running all the way to the tack of the main, in the future, use a strap to hold the tack to the mast.  The pressure from the outhaul on this section of the mast is what causes the problems even with the little thingy on the base of the track.

You can get this all from RS Hughes.

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