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2023 Class Update / Dues
« on: January 08, 2023, 05:52:27 PM »
Happy New Year 2023 U20 Fans!

The board met on January 4th to kick off the new year.  Here is a quick summary of our areas of focus:

  • Updates to the class rules including lifelines, electronics and sail measurement procedures
  • We will host several of our popular webinars this winter
  • Focus on supporting existing fleets in North Carolina, Utah, Michigan and California.  Establish new fleets
  • Continue to use class funds to secure a supply of hard to find / custom parts for the U20
  • Refresh the class website
  • Support the North American Championship and other Fleet Championship Events

As always we continue to maintain the forum which contains a wealth of knowledge and information to keep the U20 up and running.

We hope you find value from your membership and will choose to support the class this year.

You can pay your dues or sign up for a new membership by visiting our class organization page (bottom left corner):

Thanks for supporting the class!