The perfect blend of size and simplicity, creating the ideal boat for racing One Design, PHRF, or a weekend day sail.

the ultimate 20

The Ultimate 20 was the result of a team of sailors with impressive credentials. Jeff Canepa headed a team that included Jim Antrim of Antrim Associates-Naval Architects, sail maker and Olympic medalist Jay Glaser, and 505 builder and foil specialist Larry Tuttle.


Their idea was simple. Create a monohull with multihull performance. They wanted a dry and stable platform with safe interior space for kids or crew. They also wanted a lightweight trailerable to have responsive dinghy-like handling, all with the cockpit comfort of a 30 footer.


After years of prototype testing, the U20 team achieved the perfect blend of size and simplicity, creating the ideal boat for racing ONE DESIGN, PHRF or any weekend sail about. The U20’s design offers exceptional craftsmanship that is reliable, safe, economical, and fun to sail.


Sailors are amazed at the Ultimate 20’s precision control.  Underway, sheer acceleration and speed is the first sensation.  The Ultimate 20 is a light air performer and planes with stability in a breeze.   The spacious cockpit is comfortable and thoughtfully laid out for racing and day sailing.


The Ultimate 20 Class promotes regattas and publishes class information.  The Class has hosted a North American Regatta every year since 1995.  The boat is mobile at under 1600 pounds trailered. Owners frequently travel to distant regattas in addition to racing in local One-Design and PHRF fleets.


LOA: 20 feet, 10 inches

LWL: 18 feet

Beam: 8 feet, 6 inches

Draft - keel down: 5 feet

Draft - keel up: 9 inches

Displacement: 1,260 pounds

Ballast: 450 pounds

Mainsail: 205 square feet

Jib: 100 square feet

Class Spinnaker: 452 square feet

PHRF (max. sugg.): 485 square feet

Bow Sprit: 6 feet


Step by step guidance with stepping the mast, forestay assembly, shrouds, the roller furling jib, and much more. Written by Kent Morrow, with support from Ultimate Sailboats Inc., and the U20 Class Association.


U20 Setup Guide (PDF)


Reference these tuning guides for maximum performance!


Sailmaker Guides:




Perfectly suited for today's small cars and mini-vans, the design of the ULTIMATE 20 allows your present automobile to become the ultimate tow vehicle! The all-up tow weight is under 2000 pounds, including trailer.